Frequently Asked Questions

Why Heritage Education Programs?
Many teachers have discovered that the mystery and discovery of archaeology is a way to teach many lessons that can excite the learning of students. Many archaeologists are greatly concerned that most teachers do have the background in archaeology to teach about archaeology’s scientific and ethical elements. Heritage Education Programs has developed and presents programs that address these concerns that can catch students imagination and desire to learn.

How do Heritage Education Programs help address California State Education Standards?
Our Archaeology Adventure field trip programs and Time Detectives school site programs address the following standards:

Foruth Grade Science 6a,d,e,f, History-Social Science 4.2.1 - Language Arts Reading 2.2,.3, .4,.5,.6,.7 -Listening and Speaking 1.1, 2.1,.a,b,c,-2.2 a,b,c - Mathematics Measurement 2.0 Reasoning 1.1- 3.1, 3.3

Fifth Grade Science 6.a,b,f,g,h, History-Social Science 5.1.1 Language Arts Reading 2.1,.2, .3,.4 Listening and Speaking 1.1, .3,- 1.4, 1.5,- 2.1-2.2- Mathematics Statistics 1.5. Reasoning 1.1- 3.3

Sixth Grade Science 7a,d,f History-Social Science 6.1-6.7.8 Language Arts Listening and Speaking 1.3-1.5- 2.2,a,b,c,- 2.5 a.b.Mathematics Reasoning 1.1 - 3.1

Seventh Grade Science 4c-7a,c,e, Language Arts Reading 2.3-Listening and Speaking 2.3 Mathematics Reasoning 1.1 - 3.1

How many students can the Classroom program accommodate at one time?
Time Detectives can accommodate up to 34 students at a time Archaeology Adventure can accommodate up to 34 students at time except for programs at the Lewis Center for Educational Resource in Apple Valley. Special arrangements can be made at the Lewis Center for up to 68 students depending of availability of staff.

How does weather affect the program?
We work in wind, heat, and light drizzle, We do not work in rain or snow. If a program is not held because of weather, we will reschedule.

How do we make a reservation for:
Archaeology Adventure?
The best way is to call The program site (Grove HS 9i09 798-7831) (Lewis Center, 760 946-5414, ext. 200) or (Sherman Indian Museum 909 276-6719).

How do make reservation for:
Archaeology in the Classroom & Time Detectives?
The best way is to call Heritage Programs at 909 793 3922.

What payment options do you accept?
We accept school district purchase orders, and checks.

Why do you require teachers to attend a workshop or one of your staff members to come into the classroom to teach prep lessons to students?
The purpose of our preparation program is to give teachers the tools to use archaeology to teach not only about how we learn about the past, but also how to incorporate archaeology to teach a wide range of state educational standards.