Custom-Made Programs

Heritage Education creates hands-on education programs for schools, heritage sites, museums and schools that link your mission and resources with California education standards. Yes, we can work within your budget.

Below are a few custom-made programs we've developed recently.
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El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Park
Presentations on how docents can use an archaeological approach in presenting the heritage of the Plaza area of Los Angeles/Grove High School, 2002-ongoing. Teaching workshops for students to create a Geographical Information System (GIS) date base for teaching the History and Heritage of the City of Redlands. Students learn how to research using primary resources and to use GIS program.

Cal State University, San Bernardino
Inland History Social Science Project. 2002. Created and ran a week long 2.5 unit workshop for teachers using Project Archaeology materials. The workshop included hands-on presentation on early man, Curation, experimental archaeology, ethics and preservation of heritage sites, and visiting a working archaeology field school.

St. Mary and All Angles School
Archaeological tours of Mission San Juan Capistrano. We looked at not only the results of archaeological excavation, but also examined how archaeologists look a the fabric of a building and the the restoration and stabilization work being done at the Mission. Students also mapped some of the runes and filled a “primary record” sheet with their findings.

Sherman Indian High School and Museum
Workshops for museum studies students on how archaeologist work with Native American to discover the past.

Apple Valley Parks and Recreation
We created a Summer Archaeology day camp or 30 children grades 4 and up. The students excavated, surveyed and mapped a simulated archaeology site.

Boy Scout Archaeology Merit Badge
With the Archaeology Survey Association we ran a four day Merit Badge workshop. The Scouts participated in an experimental archaeology project, visited archaeological sites, and wrote reports.

Academy for Academic Excellence
Created and conducted archaeology workshops for middle school students. The syllabus include lesson in ethic, scientific method, world archaeological heritage, and excavating and recording an archaeological site.