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Redlands - CA-SBR-002EDU - Roman and Neolithic site
At Grove Charter High School. For grades 6 through 12.

Discovering the Year 1000 A.D...
As we enter this third millennium A.D., we look back to the turn from the first to the second... The year 1000 was tough and exciting. Norsemen where raiding much of Europe and discovering the North American continent; The Saxon, Ethelred II is King of England but will lose his throne to the Dane, Canute by 1014; Splinters of wood dipped in tallow is principal method of lighting.

Tching Tsong of the 19th Dynasty is Emperor of China commands an army of hundreds of thousands; In 1040 McBeth will become king of Scotland, Kadeh is Califate of Baghdad; The largest cities in the world are Cordova, Andalusia (modern Spain)-Kaifeng, China, and Constantinople, Byzantine (modern Turkey).

The West African kingdom of Ghana controls much of the worldÕs gold trade; and the Grand Prince of Kiev, Vladimir is converting his subjects to Christianity.

What will your students find of the year 1000..? Or will we find evidence of even an earlier time?

Our story begins in a citrus grove... There are surface indications of slag from iron working and some pottery sherds. Historic records gives some evidence of Medieval iron working being done it the region, but some of the pottery sherds do not match the Mediaeval period. There are also some flakes on the surface indicating much earlier occupation.

Who lived there?
How long ago did live there?
What was their lives like?

Before the grove gives way to development our job, your job , is to answer these questions. Come and join us on our first field season as we excavate The Grove site. Join us on our Archaeology Adventure.

Grove High School is a Charter School located within the mists of a citrus grove in Redlands on the corner of Nevada and Orange Streets.

Qualified folk guide your students through their on-site archaeology adventure. The students use the standard tools and methodology of archaeology. They notate and map their progress and finds. Everyone is wonderfully dirty.

Back at school, you guide your class through the process of combining the datum they've gathered to create an archaeological site report.

Finally, using their site reports and memories, students then record and catalog their finds and selected items and features which are added to our site reports. -- this allows everyone to keep up with the current status and new discoveries at the site!

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