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Heritage Education's Archaeology Adventure Glossary
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Some Archaeology Web Sites... 

• General...
The Archaeology Channel - Download lots of archaeology videos.
Archaeology Magazine archaeology, anthropology, social studies
Archaeology FAQ: What Every Kid Wants to Know
Archaeological Institute of America
Archeological Resources for Educators 
Dig Magazine - Archaeology Magazine for kids
Society for American Archaeology 
Time Team America - The science-reality series from PBS that sends archaeologists on a race against time to excavate historic sites around the nation. The team has 72 hours to uncover the buried secrets of their assigned digs using the latest technology, decades of expertise and their own sharp wits. Take a look at the "Field School" videos.

• Iron Smelting
Experimental Iron Smelting at Rievaulx Abbey

• Historic California
Archaeology of the Phoenix Indian School - Not California, but and introduction to some types of artifacts of 100 years ago

• Rome
Pompeii: Stories From an Eruption
Welcome to Vindolanda - Archaeology of a Roman Fort on Hadrian's Wall

• Jamestown
Archaeology @ Jamestown

• Iron Age
American Schools of Oriental Research

• California Archaeology
Presidio Archaeology - The Archaeology Presidio of San Francisco spans 12,000 years.
Society for California Archaeology
San Diego Archaeological Center