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Archaeology is not an INDIANA JONES FILM

  • it is the scientific study of the human past.  For 20 years, Heritage Education Programs has created hands on programs that use the mystique and adventure of archaeology to teach lessons in science, math, language arts, and history.

All of our programs align with California Education Standards

"I cannot say enough about your program

  •  I want to bring my 6th graders again next fall! The Heritage field trip was an exceptional experience for our 6th graders.  Students collaborated and communicated while working on the hands-on pre-dig activity as well as in the dig pit. Lots of learning and lots of fun." Thank you so much for an awesome educational experience."
    • Shelley Sprague
    •  World History Teacher  

"I think the Archaeology Adventure project will help bring research alive for many students

  • The emphases on how to make intelligent inferences from data and careful, record-keeping in the study of archaeological sites will be skills students use throughout their lives."
    •  Margaret (Peg) Hill , Ph.D.
    • Program Chair World Affairs Council of Inland Southern California: 
    • Former Curriculum Coordinator, History/Social Science, San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools  

"This is a unique, hands-on field trip

  •   I feel real learning occurred with the preparation, actual dig and follow-up."
    •  Emily Poneroy,  
    • Teacher, 6th Grade Mojave Vista Elementary School  Victor Elementary School Dist.  

"The Heritage Education Programs provided our children with an up-close

  • and first hand experience of what true archaeology is and the valuable answers it provides about our past. It was a rich and rewarding use of our instructional time."  
    •  Carrie Ayars
    •  Crossroads Christian School 

"This was a exceptional educational experience for the girls. A Great Adventure!"

  • Theresa Graham
    • Senior Girl Troop 1335

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