Classroom Programs: Beyond the Field Trip



Have an Archaeologist come to your school and give students insight into archaeology as a scientific activity that utilizes many disciplines. Our “standard rich lessons” are adapted for general classrooms, GATE, AVID, and Upward Bound programs. We currently offer five programs that can come to your classroom. (The higher the grade, the more complex the lessons.)

We also create CUstom Programs 

First Discovery



One hour Program. $120 for up to 34 Students.
Our basic program. An archaeologist educator comes to your classroom for an hour and shares what archaeology is about, using photos, and artifacts. 

Elementary Archaeology



Two hour program. $170 for up to Students.

This hands on classroom adventure uses 100 year old artifacts to teach about observation and inference; archaeological context; and hypothesis building.

Time Detectives



Three Hours. $220 for up to 34 Students. 

Archaeology is a scientific activity that uses the skills history and many disciplines. Who were these people and what were they doing? with these classroom programs students will solve a mystery using archaeological methods. Their clues are artifacts and written records. Their methods will involve measuring, and evaluating documents and charts, considering context, and forming a hypothesis.  

World Trade and Jamestown Discoveries



Three hours $220, for up to 34 Students,


The English colony, of Jamestown Virginia was separated from their home by thousands of miles of ocean. But the artifacts that archaeologists have discovered, at Jamestown showed trade connections beyond British Isles. 

This hands on classroom adventure uses artifacts, maps and historic records, will guide students to discover how these connections affected the English colonists.