Living History Field Trips at a Historic Place


31985 San Timoteo Canyon Rd, Redlands, CA 92373

For classes second grade (7 years old) and up



Schoolhouse Adventure

A Living History Field Trip

Come to the San Timoteo Canyon Schoolhouse and have your class experience lessons that would have been taught in 1905 and meet today's California Education Standards. A True Living History Field Trip.

 Taught by a credentialed teacher, the three hour program will involve lessons in







Physical Activities,

as well as "virtue and good behavior."  

The one room schoolhouse opened in 1883, in the canyon, 5 Miles from Alessandro Rd, in Redlands. Soon after, it opened a stable was built to accommodate the large percentage of students who rode horses to school. The San Timoteo Canyon School operated until 1937. It is now a unit of the Riverside County Parks and Open Space District and on the Registry of Historic Places.   

 The three hour program fee is $200.00 per group of up to 34 students at a time.

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Historic Archaeology Adventure

Working with 100 year old artifacts

Discoveries await in the field behind the Schoolhouse. Your students will conduct an archaeological field survey, by walking transects and recording what is found. Then they will examine their finds to help learn what life was like 100 years ago.

 The three hour program fee is $200.00 per group  of up to 32 students at a time.
This can Adventure can be booked by itself or combined with the School