School Adventures, 1905 Field Trip

Learning Field Trip in a Historical Place. A Living History Experience

Come to the San Timoteo Canyon Schoolhouse and have your class experience lessons that would have been taught in 1905 and meet today's California Education Standards. A True Living History Field Trip.

 Taught by a credentialed teacher, the three hour program will involve lessons in







Physical Activities,

as well as "virtue and good behavior."  

The one room schoolhouse opened in 1883, in the canyon, 5 Miles from Alessandro Rd, in Redlands. Soon after, it opened a stable was built to accommodate the large percentage of students who rode horses to school. The San Timoteo Canyon School operated until 1937. It is now a unit of the Riverside County Parks and Open Space District and on the Registry of Historic Places.   

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The field trip is a great one for 3rd grade classes learning about local history and for 4th grade class discovering California History

The San Timoteo Canyon Schoolhouse is a unit of the Riverside County Parks and Open Space District.

Talk a look at what learning in a one room school was like.

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